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Our Story


Hi, I am Diana.

Clinical Pharmacist, Owner, Mother of 2 Amazing Kids, Animal Lover, Runner, & Sustainability Activist

I know first hand what it means when commercially available medication doesn't work for you. I am a proud mother of 2 amazing kids, and they are so different even when it comes to how their body reacts to medications. That's why I also know the importance of individualized compounded medication. I am also passionate about waste reduction in pharmacy industry and plastic generation and are constantly in search of preparing and dispensing in a ecological way.

Meet the Most Amazing Team on Earth! 


Compounding Pharmacist, General Manager (GM)

Hi! I'm Yatin and the Pharmacy General Manager. I have a specialty background in both sterile and non sterile compounding as well as extensive knowledge in geriatric practice. Looking forward to meeting you.


Compounding Technical Specialist

I am super passionate about advocating for the patient to receive individualized care. It makes a world of difference and many patients who don't respond well to commercially available medicine tell me compounding is the best thing that happened to them!


Quality Assurance & Sustainability

Compounding is like "mini-manufacturing" and quality assurance is cornerstone to providing consistent product each and every time. I also focus on reducing waste and plastics to drive our sustainability goals.

They know Compounding!

"Very knowledgeable pharmacist. Many pharmacies wasn't aware how to compound my meds. They even showed me the difference between compounding creams at a non-compounding pharmacy vs. using ointment mill. You can see and feel the difference. They knew exactly what needed to be done!"

Mike L.


Let us help you get the compounding you deserve

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